Review: Armadillo LT Gaiters

I've been struggling with gaiters for years. They're loud and bulky and break at the worst possible moment, leading me to believe that they really aren't worth the effort. However, after trying out the Armadillo LT Gaiter from Hillsound Equipment, I may be changing my mind—at least in this case. 

The Armadillo LT's sleek design fits snugly over the legs and boots like a second skin; add to that their lightweight and they're hardly noticeable when trekking through the woods. What is noticeable, however, is how dry my feet stay after slogging through miles of melting snow, mud, and other detritus intent on invading my footspace. Comprised of a waterproof and breathable upper made of Flexia's three-layer fabric, and a lower made of 1,000-denier high-density nylon, the Armadillo LT is built to handle everything thrown at it. Made for year-round hiking, snowshoing, and other winter sports, this gaiter is an excellent choice, particularly as snow starts to melt, and the chances of soggy feet increase.

Skeptical of any gaiter staying up on your legs for hours on end? Not to worry: these puppies carry a sturdy cinch strap, aided by contour-forming fabric that will ensure you don't wind up with your gaiters around your ankles. 

Whether you are a weekend hiker, a dedicated nordic skier, or a snowshoe fanatic, the Armadillo LT Gaiter from Hillsound Equipment is a great option if you are looking for affordable, well-made gear to meet your everyday outdoor needs.