Review: Zenbivy Luxe Double Bed

Snuggling in together after a tasty meal by the fire, watching the stars, sharing pillow talk while slowly drifting off to sleep... that's the only way to camp with one's sweetie. Nope, separate bags just won't do. But neither will a jury-rigged mess of blankets and pads that pull apart, causing a slow separation over the course of the night. Most camping couples eventually work out a system, but not without numerous nights of trial, error, and inadvertent isolation from one another.

Which is where Zenbivy's new Luxe Double Bed comes in. You get not only a soft, warm quilt, but a double-pad sleeve that holds everything together in one snug, comfy unit. The quilt zips off, for lazy mornings inside the tent, while a built-in shroud keeps pillows from sliding off. The sleeve, or "sheet," can be easily laundered between outings, and the quilt is machine-washable, too. What's more, a 25-degree rating means this bed will keep you warm well into fall—which, with its crisp mornings and cool evenings, is the best time to snuggle.