Review: Zenbivy Light Bed

The adaptable Zenbivy Light Bed offers autonomy to backpackers of all kinds. From classic mummy bag to plain old pad-and-blanket, the hook-and-loop system allows you to choose how you assemble your sleeping setup. The kit has three main parts: quilt, sheet, and mattress—however, you’ll want to also invest in a compression sack to maximize space in your pack.

Before trying it out, I doubted that it would be worth the extra work compared to a regular sleeping bag. In order to achieve the full mummy-bag effect, I had to strap the fitted sheet to the pad, attach each hook and loop, and cinch the bottom of the bag. It seemed unnecessary and complicated. I, however, am a notorious stomach-sleeper who runs cold. With this system, I quickly realized that I could snooze soundly on my back without sacrificing warmth, suffocating myself, or sliding off the pad. This versatile bedroll is now a crucial component in my backpacking setup.

$388-$680, depending on quilt and sheet choice;