Review: Westin Grille Guard

We live in big-ungulate country, and to protect your rig from frontal impact, the Westin Sportsman Grille Guard is a solid choice. No, it won't shuck off a moose when you're going 80mph, but for deer at moderate speeds, and brush or small trees just about anywhere, this sucker'll stand up to the abuse. The solid, one-piece construction, double hood-bar, and wrap-around headlight protectors offer peace of mind, while multiple mounts allow installation of fog lights, which are equally important tools to prevent sudden cervine smack-downs.

Installation is straightforward, with a solid four-bracket system for strength. Just be sure to check the company’s Application Guide before purchasing, lest you leave your skid plate or other off-road accessory dangling. A spreadsheet on their website delineates incompatibilities with specific makes and models. In my case, some aftermarket brackets corrected the problem quickly.

$850, including shipping;