Review: Water Master Rafts

“Specialization,” the famous science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein once wrote, “is for insects.” If Heinlein were alive today and looking to buy a personal watercraft, chances are he’d choose a Kodiak kickboat from Water Master Rafts of Missoula. A float-tube and river raft in one, the Kodiak is about as versatile a boat as you can get, good for everything from duck hunting on stillwater ponds to river-running in high water. Its sturdy, maneuverable design makes it an ideal choice for a day’s fishing on the river, yet it collapses into a compact and lightweight package you can throw on your back and haul into a remote alpine lake. The Kodiak is also tough—with 1000-denier PVC construction and thermo-welded seams, it’ll endure all the rigors you can throw its way. The raft’s large surface area translates into a hefty carrying capacity and plenty of stability (you can bring a cooler, or a pooch along), while its low-profile design tracks well in moving water and windy conditions. And with the open-floor design, you can propel yourself across the water with fins, but stand up for quick portaging or to land a particularly feisty fish. Water Master also makes a smaller, lighter boat called the Grizzly, which is more suitable for smaller streams and lakes. For more information, check them out on the web or call for a free video.