Review: Snow Limit

Winter gear & apparel from the Gallatin Valley.

It could be argued that no season defines Bozeman better than winter. After all, what’s more iconic than the Ridge at Bridger, Big Sky’s Tram, or ice climbing in Hyalite? That’s why it should come as no surprise that several winter-sport gear and apparel manufacturers make this place home—it’s the perfect testing ground for everything from climbing skins to cold-weather beanies.

Alpaca Socks—Alpacas of Montana
Skiing and hiking socks woven from the wool of alpacas grazing on South Cottonwood Rd.? Talk about buying local. This odor-fighting footwear goes source to sock in under a mile—and it's warm and comfy to boot. $33;

Climbing Skins—Big Sky Mountain Products
If you like to go up in order to come down, you’re gonna need some skins on the bottom of those skis. Why not buy a product engineered by skiing legend and MSU professor Tom Jungst? The name is synonymous with quality, so you know you’re getting the goods. $110;

Beartooth 200g—Schnee’s
Not all our winter fun happens on skis. We do a lot of hiking in these hills long after the snow flies. Do so in comfort and control with the Beartooth 200g from Schnee’s, Bozeman’s iconic boot-maker. The added insulation keeps your toes toasty on winter hunts or cold-weather snowshoe treks. $430;

Scepter 35—Mystery Ranch
We all know Hyalite’s ice climbing is the stuff of legend. Mystery Ranch has made a pack that lives up to the hype. While the Scepter 35 has lots of climbing-specific features, it’s also great for hauling any winter gear, and will come in handy for rock projects come spring. $200;

Chill Toque—Sauce
Winter is full of high-output, cold-weather activities, from backcountry skiing to snowy trail runs. Combat the cold while shedding heat with a Chill Toque from Sauce. Fleece lining around the ears keep them warm, while an expandable hole at the top dumps heat or makes room for long hair. $32;