Review: Six Moon Minimalist Pack

Just when you think you’ve seen it all with gear, something pops up that makes you think, huh, who the heck thought of that good idea? Modern day backpacking backpacks have been great for years. But Six Moon Designs decided they could be even better and designed the Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack. The pack itself is a pretty straightforward, ultralight backpack. It employs a 40L main compartment and a 9L extension collar. Despite the minimalist name, it does not skimp on features. External side pockets make organization intuitive. The top lid provides extra storage and can also be extended to secure larger items such as bear canisters that don’t fit in the main compartment. The frame is a removable hoop system made from deralin plastic, keeping it light in weight, but still functional. Six Moons recommends a max load weight of 35 pounds with the frame, but it can easily hold more. What sets the backpack apart, however, is the vest harness system. The innovative design distributes weight more evenly across the shoulders and torso, resulting in a comfortable, ergonomic fit, especially during extended treks. Think of it like a trail-running vest, but in backpack form. It hugs the body snugly, providing excellent stability without sacrificing freedom of movement. The weight of the pack disappears when fitted properly. Prepare to embark on your next outdoor journey with confidence, knowing that the Minimalist V2 has your back every step of the way. $285;