Review: RIO Package

Line, leader, and tippet for chasing large trout.

Fall means big browns, and when those behemoths take a run, you'd better hold on. And you'd better have good, strong line (and tie solid knots), lest you lose the best fish of the season. Here are some products from RIO to help get that hook-jawed beast to the net, all while increasing sensitivity and keeping your casting smooth.

InTouch Gold Fly Line
With its low-stretch construction and optimal tapering, this line not only allows for long casts, delicate presentations, and precise mends, but it offers an enhanced sensitivity for detection of subtle takes and distinguishing between bites and snags. The line's long head is designed for river-fishing and the lack of stretch means the only thing between you and a solid hook-set is the strength and speed of your arm. Fling big buggers this fall and drop tiny midges this winter, all with the same line. $100.

Rio InTouch Gold fly line Rio InTouch Gold fly line

Trout Powerflex Plus Leader
When a big fish is on the line, a good leader can make the difference between a memory to last forever and one to bury deep in the cold, dark core of a broken heart. This leader is as stout as they come, with a strong butt section for casting big streamers into an icy autumn wind, and enough backbone to haul in a hog without stretching or snapping. The copolymer construction makes for cleaner casting, and a hand-tied perfection loop speeds up the rigging process. $6 each.

Rio Powerflex fly leader


Powerflex Tippet
RIO's tippet has been the industry standard for years, due to its unmatched combination of strength and suppleness. And the stuff just keeps getting better. A special non-stick coating makes knots slide smooth and tight, while the light-grey color decreases visibility in the water. It's still as strong as ever, able to handle the toughest trout in the roughest conditions. Tie a good knot and all you'll worry about is keeping that big brown out of a snag. $5 per spool.

Rio Powerflex tippet