Review: Redington Sonic Pro and Willow River

“Gone fishin’”—that sign has been hanging on my door quite often lately. The complimentary duo of the Sonic Pro waders and Willow River wading boots are practical, yet stylish; durable, yet comfortable. What really makes them the catch of the day? The waders are forged together with sound—meaning no sewing, no stitches, and no leakage… and that they might be from the future. They’re breathable, have an adjustable belt which is great when adding or shedding layers, and four handy breast pockets. The boots stay put on slick river rocks and beds due to their sticky rubber soles with crushed walnut (mmm… crunchy). The boots are also lightweight and dry quickly so you can head back to the river the next morning and avoid soppy discomfort. A random and weird added benefit: every time I’ve worn them, I’ve had someone tell me that they like my “outfit.” I guess that’s pretty fly… Available at Bob Ward’s. $350 and $100;