Review: Rapid Rifle Cover

The elk were above me, necessitating a three-mile climb through a new growth of thick, 15-foot-tall lodgepoles. The wind hadn’t blown since the last snowfall, so each tree was loaded with snow, just waiting to avalanche down my back, filling both my rifle barrel and scope. No matter how I held my gun, it was constantly inundated, and I was constantly clearing out the snow. If only I’d had a Rapid Rifle Cover. This simple product—made right here in Bozeman, by a hunter who’s obviously had a few days similar to mine—slides on and off the rifle easily to protect both the barrel and scope from collecting debris and snow. The Rapid Rifle Cover wouldn’t have guaranteed a successful hunt, but I at least could’ve spent less time cleaning my rifle and more time stalking the elk. Available at Schnee’s and Shedhorn Sports. $40;