Review: Petzl Nomic

The Petzl Nomic has set the standard for technical ice tools over the past decade. Simply put, this tool climbs steep ice more easily than any other. A supportive lower grip lets you swing with precision and saves you from pumping out, while a robust upper grip helps you securely match hands on the tool. Whether you're a fledgling ice climber burning top-rope laps at G1, or a renowned local badass leading up Black Magic, the Nomics are the best tools for the job.

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The Nomics come with hammers and pick-weights installed, which can be removed to save weight. Four different picks are available from Petzl to accomodate your preference for ice vs. dry climbing. These picks are also compatible with three other models of Petzl ice tools—the Sum'Tec, Quark, and Ergonomic, so you can easily swap them out with the rest of your quiver. Available at Uphill Pursuits; $299.