Review: OnX

I was an early adopter of the land-ownership chips from OnX—I’ve had one in my GPS for seven years now.

You’d think it’d be hard to sing praise for this handy device every other year, but each time I get the latest version, I’m amazed at the improvements in functionality.

In this release, you’ll find current land-ownership info, hunting boundaries, block management, and even restricted hunting areas; plus, you get the mobile app for one year. So now you can research areas on your home computer, share the information with your mobile device or GPS, then head out to scout on foot.

Or maybe you’re on the road and see an area you want to learn more about—simply mark a waypoint on your phone and you’ll find it on your home computer, ready to research. You can also update your GPS chip periodically, which is a good idea as land seems to be changing hands often these days.