Review: One Rod and 4250 Reel

Made with Konnetic technology (whatever that is), the Sage One rod with 4250 large arbor reel and RIO Gold fly line is a sleek and even stylish rod. I used the 590-4, which is a four-piece, nine-foot, 5-weight rod. Matched with the 4250 reel, the combined weight is just under seven ounces. I could feel the difference in the weight compared my own setup, and by the end of the day my arm definitely noticed.

The One’s Konnetic technology is supposed to make it cast straighter and farther. I don’t worry much about distance around here, but accuracy is very important, and this rod did deliver a straight cast that maintained its course even in the wind. I could feel the rod load on my back cast, making it much easier for me to focus on where I was aiming. The drag is easy to adjust, and the reel retrieves the line smoothly and quickly. The one drawback is price. The MSRP on the rod is $725 and the reel is $299, but if you want to spend more time fishing and less time worrying about casting, it’s worth it. Available at River’s Edge, Montana Troutfitters, Greater Yellowstone Flyfishers, and Sweetwater Fly Shop. $725 and $299;