Review: Nemo Wagontop 4P

When it comes to car-camping, sleeping in a cramped backpacking tent is just silly. NEMO’s new Wagontop 4P tent combines modern design, quality materials and construction, and ridiculous convenience for civilized camping missions. This isn’t a tent you’d want to hike further than about 25 yards—it’s packaged in a sizeable duffel that weighs about as much as a cube of PBR. But with a unique pole structure that maximizes interior space with nearly vertical walls and cavernous head room (I’m 6’1” and can comfortably change clothes standing up), enormous panoramic windows, and a detachable vestibule, it makes an excellent backcountry basecamp for up to four people (plus a couple dogs). Rainy day? Bring a half-dozen camp chairs inside, mix cocktails, and share stories until the trails dry out. It’s really that spacious. $450;