Review: NEMO Dagger Osmo Tent

Weight; space; comfort—I usually have to sacrifice one for another, but with NEMO’s Dagger Osmo three-person backpacking tent, I no longer have to pick and choose. Weighing just under four pounds and made from 100% recycled yarns, the Dagger checks both the weight and the sustainability boxes.

Tent set-up is quick and easy (and even color-coded), so it's no daunting task after a long day on the trails. It comes with a waterproof vestibule storage tub to keep gear outside the tent, leaving space inside to get organized and stretch out after a day on the trails.

I've experienced my fair share of camping trips where the tent easily rips from a misplaced pole, or is left damp and soggy after a long summer rainstorm. Sleet, wind, snow, or shine, the Dagger holds its own—leaving me dry and secure. Talk about a life of luxury! I plan to pack this tent on every trip, whether it be backpacking, car camping, or a multi-day river excursion.