Review: Kenetrek Hunting Gaiter

Wet feet are the worst, especially when you’re halfway up a mountain with miles of trail and hours of daylight ahead. Luckily, a good pair of gaiters can save a whole lot of suffering—and I’ve found no better calf-and-ankle covering than Kenetrek’s Hunting Gaiter. These burly leggings outlast the others, with 1000-denier construction, snow-sluffing Hypalon straps, and a two-inch Velcro closure strip for unmatched adhesion—I’ve darn near torn a muscle trying to pull them apart. A buckled strap on the top prevents downward creep, and a lower hook holds the gaiter tight to your boot; overall, the slim, secure fit ensures agility in the field. The Hunting Gaiter comes in various colors and patterns, but I like the snow camo, which I use from the first snow of fall till the final day of waterfowl season in January. Available at the Kenetrek showroom in Four Corners. $75;