Review: James Brand Carter Pocketknife

Phone, wallet, keys, and… knife? I never used to be an everyday-carry knife guy, but now that I’ve tried the James Brand Carter Pocketknife, I feel naked without one. The biggest pro is that it disappears in my pocket—unnoticeable, until needed. The feel in-hand is as good as it gets, and the blade is razor sharp. The pocket clip seems a bit long, but functions excellently, and a slide-lock mechanism makes operation with one hand easy. A little thumb rest on the back of the blade is a nice touch as well. The knife is a bit on the pricier side, but that’s really the only downside. The hefty price tag, however, is well worth it for this sleek, sharp, highly functional knife. Overall, it’s a fantastic knife that I don’t leave the house without. Available at; $160.