Review: Jalapeno Bear Spray Holster

Seems like about once a year you hear a story about a mountain biker running into a bear on the trail. Usually, the outcome isn’t good for the biker. One of the questions floating around my head is: Where was their bear spray? Likely it was in an inconvenient place, such as a holster on their side or in a water bottle holder, making it hard to draw in an encounter. This same question led to the development of the Jalapeno Holster, built right here in Belgrade. As stated on their website, this bear spray holster “was created to fill the need for being as safe as we can while riding amongst wild animals.”

The Jalapeno attaches to your handlebars, so your bear spray is always within sight, and each box comes with the attachment for the standard handlebar (31.8 mm and 35 mm). Being mechanically disinclined, I was still able to set it up on my bike in under 10 minutes. The circular handlebar mount provides a tight fit, preventing the holster and bear spray from moving around and making it easy to quickly draw the spray when needed. The top of the holster has a Glock-style guard that provides an extra level of safety from inadvertent discharges and protects the nozzle when you crash. A quick-release makes it easy to remove the holster when biking town trails or in areas where bears aren’t present.

All in all, the Jalapeno Holster provides a sense of ease when biking in bear country. Who doesn't want that?

Available at; $185.