Review: Hometown Hunting

Gear up with these local companies.  

Finding quality hunting gear can be just as challenging as bagging an elk. With so many options, and with standards changing all the time, how do you know where to start? Luckily, southwest Montana teems with manufacturers producing top-of-the-line equipment. So whether your quarry is a six-point bull or a sturdy pair of boots, the Gallatin Valley has you covered.

1. De Havilland—Stone Glacier
When moving fast through rough terrain, you need a breathable outer layer and protection from the elements. Stone Glacier’s new De Havilland jacket delivers all that and more. $230;

2. Mountain Extreme NI—Kenetrek
Rugged mountains call for burly footwear, and Kenetrek’s Mountain Extreme non-insulated boots answer that call clearly. At 10 inches high, they have enough support and protection for the toughest of terrain. $465;

3. Evo 3300—Stone Glacier
Capable as a daypack or a multi-day hauler, the Evo 3300 is Stone Glacier’s lightest pack—but with over 150 pounds of carrying capacity, you won’t sell yourself short on sturdiness, either. $575;

4. Whitetail 3.5—Skyblade Knives
When it comes to field knives, it pays to invest in something well-made and reliable, like the Whitetail 3.5 from Skyblade Knives. Its beauty is surpassed only by its performance. $350;

5. Coyote—Rapid Rifle Cover
In the field, gear abuse is inevitable—but that doesn’t mean you have to accept a plugged barrel or a snow-filled scope. The Coyote cover from Rapid Rifle Covers keeps all the elements at bay and out of your way. $50;