Review: First Lite Stormtight

Like many outdoor enthusiasts whose hobbies outnumber their savings, I must choose my gear wisely—new skis are purchased only at the expense of a new bike, and so on. My rain jacket from First Lite, however, is an exception to that rule.

First Lite specializes in hunting gear, but the SEAK Stormtight Rain Jacket, one of its top-shelf models, proved useful in a sundry of outdoor activities. The jacket shields me well from the rain, but it also works as a windbreaker—I bring it with rain or shine.

I can fish in a windy canyon or mountain bike downhill on chilly spring days as if it were mid-summer. Its versatility justifies the price, a whopping four hundred bucks.

It’s more expensive than my past rain jackets, but after a full season of use, I'm glad I broke my rule.