Review: Eureka Timberline SQ 4XT

I found the idea of an A-frame tent moderately intimidating when recalling father-son campouts in the ‘90s with my dad’s puke-green, 20-pound “portable” behemoth. Nevertheless, I rose to the challenge and tested out the Eureka Timberline SQ 4XT. The result? The easiest tent I’ve ever assembled. But that’s not all: once inside, I found a multitude of storage pockets and an ingenious window setup offering a view of the stars. The tent has a comfortable entry at each end, and the fly can be attached in less than a minute with four simple buckles and a couple of stakes. Plus, its unique multi-zipper design helps block wind at the entrance. It weighs about ten pounds—perfect for a day hike and campout. The Timberline is a quality product, and it looks sexy to boot. Available at REI. $310;