Review: EdgeSport Game Shears

For years, a friend and I struggled to clean our pheasants and grouse. That joint where the wing meets the body—holy cow is it stubborn. We pulled, we twisted, we spun the wing round and round... eventually, my friend started using a hatchet, and I employed a pair of tin snips. Ugly, amateur methods, but at least they worked.

If only we'd had Smith's EdgeSport Bait & Game Shears. These slick scissors slice right through the wing joint, as well as any other spot you want to sever. Angled blades and a comfy grip make the cuttin' go smoothly, while the bone notch provides extra leverage. The shears are also dishwasher-safe and quick to disassemble, so clean-up is easy, too. They make short work of grouse, pheasant, duck, and turkey—and are pretty handy for clipping fins from fish, too.