Review: Climbing Technology Harness & Quickdraws

In a world of high-tech, colorful climbing gear, finding the right fit is overwhelming—there are countless brands, styles, and other options to choose from. However, Climbing Technology has got a one-stop-shop solution that will help untangle your decision, and maybe even your rope.

Not only does a good harness keep you safe on challenging routes, but it also helps you stay organized, comfortable, and (well, why not?) fashionable. I tried out the Musa harness and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found my new Excalibur. Comfortable, lightweight, and well-designed, the Musa feels like a second skin when I move up the wall. The harness has a sleek shape that is easy to organize gear on, and is versatile for sport, multi-pitch, and alpine climbing. Also, the harness is purple—I think yes. Available online for $76.

If you happen to need a set of quickdraws to go with your Climbing Technology harness, you don’t have to look far. I picked up a couple sets of the Berry DY quickdraws and was pleasantly surprised. Efficiency is key when it comes to good climbing, from how you climb to how you clip, and gear makes a big difference. The draws are lightweight, easy to clip and unclip, and most importantly, durable. If I had to pick one word to describe them, it would be "smooth." From their matte texture to their clipping action, they get me up the wall efficiently. And they even match my harness. The Italians get it—another well-designed Climbing Technology product. Available online for $90 (set of six).