Review: Black Diamond Camalot C4

Climbing cams are kinda like trucks: there are several manufacturers, and they're all about the same quality; what separates them is mainly personal preference. And my new preference is the Black Diamond Camalot C4-if for no other reason than its color-coding system. Sure, the C4's operation is smooth and its ability to be used as passive protection is sweet; but when I've got one hand on a sloper hold and am desperately reaching for a cam with the other, the last thing I want is to grab the wrong one. The C4's webbing color is duplicated on the camming unit itself, which allows my brain to easily associate each cam size with a particular color. That way I instinctively select the right one. That's a simple feature with a huge benefit; way to go BD. Available at Northern Lights or online; $60-$110, depending on size.