Review: Korkers Ice Runner

Running in the winter is a challenge. Donning the right layers for the temperature, selecting the correct sunglass lens for lighting, and making sure I'm visible in the short days—these are just a few of the decisions I make prior to each run. One item I don’t need to worry about anymore is traction. Korkers, known for their fishing boots with interchangeable soles, has come out with the Ice Runner ice cleat. Yes, there are many other options for winter traction out there, but the Boa lacing system separates the Ice Runner from the pack.

Other traction models use either a Velcro strap or nothing across the top of the shoe, which, for me, has led to occasionally throwing a cleat off while running. The Ice Runner covers the bottom and three-quarters of the top of the shoe. Then the Boa system cinches up tight, sucking the heel in and the top down, making it feel as if it’s part of the shoe. If I throw this cleat off, my entire shoe is going with it.

Each of the 22 ice-biting carbide spikes is replaceable, which is great, because rarely are you running on solid ice and the spikes wear down on rock and pavement. I do want to point out that the Ice Runners aren’t the best for winter trail running unless you’re heading up a high trafficked, packed-down trail. Swing by Bob Ward's to grab a pair for yourself. $60.