Fall 2011 Contests

Photo Contest

The 4th annual Outside Bozeman Photo Contest was our best yet, bringing in thousands of amazing outdoor images taken from southwest Montana. Professionals, amateurs, and juniors all sent in shots across four different categories (nature/wildlife, landscape/scenery, outdoor action, and outdoor lifestyle), showcasing the spectrum of what our state has to offer. Check out pages 54-61 for the winners in each category, and don’t forget to swing by Sola Café in December and January for mounted prints of all the best shots. We’ll also have winners posted on our Facebook page (facebook.com/outsidebozeman). And as soon as we have our (in)famous award party lined out, we’ll let you know.

Top Dog

Out of the thousands of dog in Bozeman, every owner seems convinced that his or her hound is the best in town. But, as we all know, talk is cheap. Why not nominate your furry friend for Top Dog and really prove it once and for all? Send shots of your perfect pooch—hiking, swimming, hunting, or anything else worthy of a true Montana mutt—to [email protected] Our favorites will appear in the Winter 2011-12 issue, and the top dog will get its paws on prizes from Dee-O-Gee and other sponsors. You only have till November 5, so don’t sit; fetch those photos! Visit outsidebozeman.com for details.

Summer Hit List

Just like an Indian summer, we’re letting the people of Bozeman enjoy the outdoors a little bit longer—the deadline of our Hit List Contest is officially extended two weeks to October 15. Now you’ve got another two weeks to celebrate the best outdoor activities southwest Montana has to offer. So get out there—on the Bangtail Divide, up Gallatin Tower, off the end of a rope swing—and start taking pictures! Swing by outsidebozeman.com for more info.

Farmer Tan

One of the best parts of summer is basking in the warm rays of the sun—and one of the worst aspects is the horrendous lobster-red singeing you receive for your sunscreen-based negligence. To celebrate any sun-lotion laxity, we created the Farmer Tan contest. This year’s winning shot was sent in by Jeniece Fresh, graphically showcasing an unnamed male’s burned backside. She wins a free consultation from Big Sky Dermatology, which she’ll be forwarding to her crispy comrade. Runners-up include Kelsey Carter displaying her lumbar “farmer’s crescent” and Jennifer Browning presenting “my friend Bob’s feet.” We’d never recommend forgetting to wear sunscreen, but if you do, remember to show us next time.