Hunting History

Hunting Montana’s extinct critters may be something we can only dream of, but dream we will. Here’s a short list of the most badass animals that called Montana home before we did.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
If grizzlies make you nervous, you’d have no chance with this beast. T. Rex roamed Montana over 65 million years ago and had few enemies. This boss of a dino weighed several tons and could run like a pronghorn. A rocket launcher would be your best bet for this lizard.

Woolly Mammoth
The mammoth walked the Earth as recently as 4,500 years ago. Although you can still legally hunt their cousins, the African elephant, in several countries today, a woolly mammoth hunt could result in a pair of 11-foot tusks to hang over your fireplace.

Giant Short-Faced Bear
This bruin was the largest bear species to ever roam the Earth. Standing six feet at the shoulder and weighing over 2,000 pounds, this ursine behemoth is a bow hunter's dream. Bringing down a bear that size with just a stick and string would get anyone’s blood pumping.

Sabre-Toothed Tiger
This prehistoric kitty was about as ruthless as they come. With oversized canines pushing seven inches, this ferocious feline had one destructive bite. It was fast, smart, and would have made for a heart-stopping (and pants-pooping) hunt—miss the kill shot and you’re catnip.