Book: Yellowstone Has Teeth

Yellowstone Has Teeth (Riverbend Publishing, $15) is a memoir about the lives of the men and women who work in Yellowstone National Park. While the natural beauty of Yellowstone is unparalleled, author Marjane Ambler and her neighbors realized the perils of living in a wild national park that “has teeth.” After living in the Park year-round for nine years, she describes narrow escapes in the fires of 1988, terrifying encounters with buffalo, and journeys over an avalanche-prone pass. Some of the more hair-raising episodes involve experiences with grizzly bears and even freezing snowmobile trips to the grocery store. Yellowstone Has Teeth conveys cultural history, natural history, community awareness, and survival stories. Through her gift of storytelling, Ambler portrays a sense of intimate dependence that is evoked through living in such a tight-knit community.