Book: Unforgettable Days Afield

Few books say so much with so few words as Unforgettable Days Afield: Montana Hunting. This quaint coffee-table book illustrates the natural beauty surrounding both bird and big game hunting by capturing the essence of Montana in 65 full-color photos by regional photographers including Dale Spartus and Denver Bryan.

Alongside many photos are captions taken from the outdoor works of the writers Jose Ortega Y Gasset, E. Donnall Thomas, and Charles M. Russell. Excerpts from other writers who have written on the sport and intrigue of hunting accentuate the photos in Unforgettable Days; but the sharp, expansive scenery of Montana is what makes this book a staple in the hunter's collection.

Here’s a glimpse: The sharpness of the water droplets on the belly of a lighting mallard in Dusan Smetana's photo is complemented by the companionship of a waterfowl hunter and his sky-watching golden retriever on the facing page. The silhouette of a trophy bull elk taken by Conrad Rowe is contrasted on the following page by fishing legend Al Troth's image of two hunters beginning the long haul after the hunt is successfully completed.

Mark Henckel says in The Hunter's Guide to Montana "Montana has the hunting country which provides those rich, sensual memories and the wildlife that most hunters, in most other places, can only dream about." The photos in Unforgettable Days capture those sensual memories.