Book: Unforgettable Days

There are a few places on earth where fishermen’s dreams are forged within a framework of grandeur and natural beauty—an elegant overlay in which fish are a single element among many. Montana is just such a place: a vibrant commingling of fish and fly, mountain and meltwater, trout and topography. And in Unforgettable Days: Montana Trout Fishing, all these natural splendors—from the brilliantly speckled rainbows and browns, to the explosions of color along the riverbanks, to the grand and lofty peaks rising in all directions—come to life in a striking photographic compilation. Interspersed throughout are witty, poignant excerpts by some of fishing’s most eloquent voices. With arresting images of mountainous backdrops, wide-open spaces, and crystalline rivers, Montana Trout Fishing reminds us how easy it can be, amid our vehement pursuit of thick-bodied Montana trout, to forget about the fishing altogether.