Book: Trail Mix

Wild and free—that's the creed of those seeking liberation from the soul-stifling constraints of society. While civilization tends to cookie-cut human identity into subservient models, outdoor enthusiasts find ways to stay connected to nature, and thus retain their individual spirits. Thank goodness Corinne Gaffner Garcia has taken the time to beautifully construct Trail Mix: Wit and Wisdom from the Outdoors (Falcon, $19), to help motivate us in our ongoing effort to protect that primordial flame of freedom. The book's collection of nature-inspired quotes, poetry, and passages, from some of time’s most celebrated authors, will capture the imagination and senses of anyone yearning to get outside. Filled with endless inspiration and acumen, Trail Mix will enhance any setting around a campfire, enrich the time spent in a tent, and keep you company inside on a cold winter's day.