Book: The Joy of Running

Every runner forms a relationship with doubt. Whether you’re a newbie attempting your first 5k or a veteran training for your fiftieth ultramarathon, we all go through moments where we question our capabilities. Routinely tormented by blisters, sunburn, fatigue, and dehydration—not to mention chafed body parts from constant movement—we need an occasional reminder of why we push our bodies to such painful limits. Open any page in The Joy of Running (Hatherleigh, $12.50), and you’ll quickly be reminded of why you run, and why you should keep running. This short collection of quotes is rich with advice, humor, and wisdom from some of the sport’s most notable ambassadors, and will inspire you to overcome your doubts. With something for everyone, The Joy of Running will help you jumpstart your running career, take you to the next level, and prepare you for the growth and self-discovery you’ll encounter along the way.