Book: Still Speaking Ill of the Dead

If you've ever been in the dating world, then you know that some people are just attracted to jerks. MSU graduate Jon Axline and UM graduate Jodie Foley sure are. They're out with their second Jerks in Montana History book, which is a continuing testament to the fact that everybody hates jerks but nobody can forget them. The first Jerks book, published in 2000, was inspired by historian Dave Walter's "Jerks in Montana History" sessions at the annual Montana History Conference. Since there is no shortage of jerks in the world, I'm sure one of the hardest parts of putting the second book together was shrinking the pool of candidates down to a manageable level.

Axline and Foley work hard to provide a whole, well-researched picture of each jerk in this book, but you may find yourself sympathizing with some of the jerks as a result. Perhaps that's intended, and perhaps jerks need more sympathy anyway. After all, having your life profiled in a book like this is probably not how any of these people intended to be remembered. Either way, both Jerks books are great ways to learn Montana history through the back door, and you'll have a good time thinking about which of today's prominent Montanans might be worthy of a chapter one day.