Book: Portrait of Paradise

Countless books of photography have been published about the greater Bozeman area, and yet, local photographer Carol Polich, in Portrait of Paradise (Farcountry Press, $25), still managed to provide a uniquely intimate and beautiful view of our beloved land. Accompanying her gorgeous photographs are historical, geographical, and scientific tidbits about the area, useful to both the native and the newcomer.

Only someone who has spent considerable time in the area could document our lives so well: Adoration for our loyal canines, the majesty of the mountains, and the glories of Yellowstone. She even captured the simple perfection of commonplace scenes such as the grazing horse, blooming wildflower, or the yawning young fox. Breathtaking, sentimental, and informative, this book showcases Polich’s talent and captures the spirit of our little slice of paradise.