Book: Montana Panoramic

Montana photography books are like architects—shake a tree around Bozeman and five will fall out. But like architects, not all photo books are created equal. Take Montana Panoramic (Great Wide Open Publishing, $75), a new collection of images by local photographer Craig Hergert. This book is truly in a league of its own, and it’s not just the impeccable esthetics of the gold-foil-stamped, black-linen-covered book itself. Inside this weighty, oversized volume, 130 stunning panoramic images from around Montana capture a perspective and field of view that is utterly unique. Instead of merely imparting a place in time, as most photos do, Hergert’s panoramics seem to capture the entirety of a scene, from subtle differences in topography and color to holistic form and totality of detail. The result is a more comprehensive engagement of the mind, and a more visceral aesthetic response. When you see an image in Montana Panoramic of a place you’ve been, if only once and years ago, you recognize it immediately. The book may be spendy, but like most things of quality, you tend to get what you pay for. Pick up a copy at local bookstores, or purchase one online at