Book: Lewis the Yellowstone Llama

Lewis the Yellowstone Llama

If someone told you that a pack llama had escaped in Yellowstone Park and survived on its own for several months before being captured, you’d probably say, “Wow, that’s crazy.” But when you hear the story from the llama’s perspective, recounted by its rescuer Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay in Lewis the Yellowstone Llama (Yellowstone Llamas, $20), the story takes on a whole new dimension—one that is much related to our own condition as humans. Lewis the llama, formerly known as Ike, comes to work in Yellowstone on overnight hiking trips. He loves his job, but when a persistent health problem becomes overwhelming, he flees from the herd in fear of endangering his colleagues. He spends the summer exploring, reflecting, and ultimately healing. He’s a pretty smart lama, and we could all learn a thing or two from his tale. So grab a copy of the book and nestle in with your favorite young-’un—or just read it by yourself in one sitting like I did. It’s an easy one to keep in your hands.