Book: Geezers, Groomers, and Parabolics

If you’ve wondered why your favorite mountain continues to pound all that beautiful powder into corduroy cruisers, a partial answer can be found in the book Geezers, Groomers, and Parabolics: The Senior Skiing Revolution (self-published, $18). Citing more of a demographic evolution than revolution, the book's primary topic is that Baby Boomers account for an increasing percentage of skiers. According to the National Ski Area Association, 30% or more of skiers are over 50, and the over-65 demographic had doubled to nearly 5%. Drawing from a combination of motivational tract (“Watch these Geezers bomb the slopes. Join them in their pursuits”) and focus group research, this book is helpful research for any ski area wanting to serve the graying ski market. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised to find four-point walker-poles, Velcro ski boots, and no-bend bindings on ski shop shelves soon.