Book: Double Take

It seems like only yesterday that Kevin Connolly was zipping around campus on his skateboard. But he’s been busy since then—worldwide travels, international fame, and his own TV show on the Travel Channel. In his memoir Double Take (HarperCollins Publishers, $15), Helena-local Connolly details the struggles of being born without legs and trying to grow up like a normal kid in Montana. After surviving high school, he wins second place in the X-Games, and uses his prize money to travel the globe—venturing through 17 different countries—and take over 30,000 pictures of people staring at him as he rolls through their town on a skateboard. I burned through its 200+ pages in just a few hours: Connolly has penned a compelling, easy-to-read piece of work, and I’d recommend this book to anyone. Available at Country Bookshelf.