Saddling the Gravity

In your confounded struggle
For originality, nights lengthen.
The snow falls…
Heat departs.

Flakes blow yearning hearts about—
Graupel stings your summer skin...
Wind wails, eyes water.
Clouds tumble over the Saddle.

Snow lilts in, drifting.
Summer stone covered.
Saddle Peak
Saddled White.

The cantle awaits boots.
Snow devils spin your soul.
Swells hold stony,
And the horn croons to you.

With the right ears,
You hear the melody.
Plates, rime, dendrites, and needles.
The gradient calls.

Stirrups smoking,
Snow squeaking.
Strut your Saddle,
Step into those Skis.

Creativity flourishes
Where gravity rules.
Ride your chute.
Swing rhythmic.