Fecundity, a veterinary term, livestock to configure;
Wives, students, parents, Thymallus arcticus—Salmonids expected to deliver:
Birth more, suckle, hustle, hybrid vigor,
Spring yo mama that profligate trigger.
Reproduction of animals;
The study of theriogenology. That’s it,
The branch of medicine dealing with animal tit.
OBGYN with a natural fit.
Aquatic veterinary medicine emerges,
The pathogenicity of our warming world.
Fish on along the Yellowstone. Jellyfish have clout!
Whitefish float dead above the dewatered whirling trout. 

Too many;
(dogs, biologists, fishdog societies, exotic trout.
Folks—spontaneous combustions have clout).
And now the whitefish are out,
Where no longer the grayling swim about. 

Too few;
(wolverine, pine marten, salmonids and trout,
moose in the sylvan looking to mount). 

About right;
Cats and Coyotees.
Go deeper, noble devotees;
Into the wild side,
Population medicine in a predator funnel.
Too many; (suckers? vermin? cattle? whitetail? Tubifex?
Myxobol? Tetracapsula? bison, lake trout? bryozoans? T. Rex).
Too few; (paddlefish, sturgeon, raptors, ground owl, loon fowl, Cuts & Dolly trout).
About right; (magpie, crow, ravens tapping at your door,
Birds of dead prey and dead trout). 

Where does that put fecundity?
In our world beyond natural selection,
We shred our animal connection,
Like sport sex before infection,
Take wildlife medicine;
If all is in order, rife are produced,
The fittest survive, weak turned loose.
Radiant adaptation done so, no?
And today the arctic grayling go;
perish, pushed to
off that chronic wasting disease trigger. 

Where have we put evolution?
Is this warming Spring? Spraddled? or Sprung?
The microbe has the last word, things happen some.
There were too many, now too few,
Specials long gone, seemingly never to come back strong.
(Lynx and grayling straddled in an upstream dream).
What to turn this around? Preservation medicine,
Natural fecundity and soft logical charm.
The All Considered.
First Do No Harm.