Paint & Poetry: Summer 2024

Unfolding art

Poems by HG Moser, art by Hailey Hosken

Dream Stream
There is a trout stream in his dreams where he knows all the good
pools and runs and riffles, how to reach them from the paths along
the banks, and the best way to fish them but when he awakes he
can never remember the name of the stream or where it is

Looking up at the sky the
clouds the wind the gray
the blue the distance between
everything is more than I
could or want to understand

They drained the wetlands to build a shopping center and
assumed all the creatures that were driven onto dry land
would either go somewhere or become loyal customers

Limestone art

Nice Fish
Trying to figure out
where I am with this
fly fishing thing
Are the trout smarter
than me or am I
dumber than them

You never really know someone until
you have walked a mile in their shoes.
For instance, if you try to walk a mile
in my shoes you will have very sore
feet and will very likely not get there