great blue heron

If you’re hiking ‘round the Bozone
say hello to Cathy G,
a petite pal of mine
it’s likely you will see.

Triple Tree, Hyalite, Sourdough—
on trails with names so sweet.
It’s astonishing the miles she logs
upon those tiny feet.

Alone in Sypes, Cathy broke her arm
and had to hoof back down.
The gal’s a darn tough cookie though,
she drove herself to town!

On Wednesdays we trek together.
Our smiles are easy to spot.
We head out rather early—
before it gets too hot.

Spring trails are an adventure—
moose or snow or muck.
We never know what we might find.
At times it takes great pluck!

Cathy taught me ‘bout wildflowers.
Her knowledge runs quite deep.
She’s a master at eyeing Leopard Lilies.
Without her, I’d ne’er caught a peep.

We wax our skis in winter;
wider trails are the best.
History Rock is much too narrow.
It gave our snowplows a test!

When women hike we jibber-jabber
not knowing how time passed.
Wait. Already? How’d we get here—
back to the car so fast?

After our ski or stroll is done,
we have one more stop.
For chit-chat with the locals
we hit a coffee shop!

Hiker Lady cruises every morning.
You may see her on her route.
Enjoying our gorgeous mountains—
often way far out.