An Elk Calls Home

Hi Honey, it's me. No, no don't worry, it's just August.
We don't have to worry about that for a month or two.
Yes, things are fine up here. When you're through
With the kids, hoof it on up here and we'll mate, just
Don't get sidetracked by our neighbor, Buck. I trust
You even after that fling you had last year. Hey you
Don't have to get testy about it. I told you how
I'd do anything to keep you happy. That's why I bust
My ass climbing around with my other cows
Looking for greener grass. It's for you, Dear.
Damn, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Lord knows
You're bigger and better built than one of those. Here,
Let me give you a little snort on the phone,
Just to show you how. . . Honey? (Clunk, dial tone.)