Quiet Colossus

When a fifth-generation Gallatin Valley rancher wants to keep the family land intact—regardless of all the work it will take—and a fatcat developer comes knocking with dollar signs in his eyes, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust offers the rancher an alternative. While the Montana Land Reliance works across the state, GVLT is focused locally, championing working agricultural land, healthy rivers, vital wildlife corridors, and trails.

Since its founding in 1990, GVLT has conserved over 45,000 acres in Bozeman and the surrounding area through conservation easements with private landowners. Like the rest of us, GVLT values the aesthetics of this place. More than that, they value the land for everything it provides: a place for our children to get outside, productive farmland, wildlife habitat, and close-to-town recreation.

The work of GVLT is often behind the scenes and thankless; however, they’re responsible for protecting some of our favorite places. So the next time you’re driving through the Bozeman Pass, fishing the East Gallatin, or marveling at the expansive agricultural land in Amsterdam and Churchill, take a moment to imagine that land developed—then, get out and enjoy trails from Main Street to the mountains because the Gallatin Valley Land Trust saved them for you.

To learn more about ongoing conservation efforts or how you can get involved, visit gvlt.org.