Mouthin' Off - Fall 2015

Despite half our staff being females over 30 (and half of those over 50), there’s a contingent of the Bozeman populace that believes Outside Bozeman is put together by a bunch of 20-something dude-bros who do little more than lap Leverich and bomb Bridger between half-stoned pints at the Bozone (we should be so lucky). A careful analysis of the magazine’s content, of course, puts that theory to rest; but like habits, old opinions die hard. Here are some recent comments from readers, both positive and negative, that illustrate the wide range of responses to each issue of O/B.

Roar More, Please
I just wanted to write and say that I loved the article by Jenny Sheets (“Hear Me Roar,” Summer 2015, p. 32) on why “getting chicked” is a lame thing to say. It was really well-written and made me want to look for her name in future editions. I’m sure you know the magazine’s reputation for being a little hyper-masculine or deep in bro culture. I love reading it, but a permanent Jenny Sheets column on women in nature and sports would be awesome. Thanks for considering it! —Sara Rushing

O/B, You Hurt My Feelings
I used to love Outside Bozeman, but sometime in the last four or five years, your publication has become sexist, ageist, and mean-spirited. You make fun of tourists and people with small dogs, refer to women as cougars, and have written other discriminatory, unflattering things. Why would anyone but a narrow demographic of narcissistic, male, twenty-something, exercise addicts want to read your magazine? It is exclusive, snobby, and self-congratulatory. I complained about your cougar comments on your Facebook page and was the recipient of a barrage of mean-spirited, insulting, rude comments from both your readers and your staff. It was clear you were not listening, and didn’t care. You’re all so very hip, but not very nice. —anonymous survey respondent 

We’re Not All Bad
From our online survey: 

  • O/B is entertaining and is a great resource for local information, but also does not shy away from important but controversial issues.
  • I like the well-rounded nature of the articles. The magazine editors do a great job of including all aspects of outdoor life.
  • Outside Bozeman is a rad publication with worthwhile articles that inspire me to go experience the outdoors.
  • Mike England (editor) is the most handsome guy in Bozeman, and a fearless snake-wrangler.