Letters - Summer 2011

Don’t Chide the Cheese State
I want to thank you for continually putting out such a quality free publication for us here in southwest Montana. I look forward to it each season. There is one thing bothering me, however, from the Winter 2010-11 issue. In the Bozeman vs. Moab piece (p.10), author Dave Reuss says that “Moab makes Bozeman climbing look like the state of Wisconsin: shitty.” Although I am not much of a climber and cannot speak for that, I do have quite the affinity for the state of Wisconsin and wonder what caused Mr. Reuss to arrive at such a hasty description of a state that is both varied and naturally beautiful. I welcome the opportunity to chat with Reuss about his time in the state as I am most curious about where he spent it and how it left him with such distaste. This won’t be a problem as surely an experienced writer would not draw conclusions about a place without knowing exactly what he is speaking about. I’m sure he has very good reasons for discounting the many less famous writers that had such a love for Wisconsin’s landscape. Perhaps the words of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, and countless others were mere scribblings of confused individuals living in a shitty place and should be written off.
Roger Allen

Managing editor Dave Reuss responds: Touché, Mr. Allen. The incendiary verbiage was meant to describe the oppressive humidity and select inhabitants of Wisconsin, not the landscape. I should have clarified.

Good Point
Outside Bozeman and Drew Pogge,
The article “Cut to the Chase” (Spring 2011, p. 22) is RIGHT ON! You live on the edge. You’re the sharpest knife in the drawer. You get the point. Okay you get where we come from. Anyway, good stuff. Thanks!
Steve and Randa Hulett
Seldom Seen Knives, West Yellowstone

Pot vs. Kettle
Outside Bozeman,
Regarding “Know Thyself” (Spring 2011, p. 20): I guess I would occasionally fall under #25. You could add another one as follows:

26. Uses stupid words like “asshole” in order to be cute while addressing a limited number of subscribers/followers.

No moral-grounds issue here, just a suggestion because I do love O/B and you have some talented people and terrific articles. Maybe I am only grumpy because the lazy days of summer and floating on a breeze are not here yet.
Dennis Loreth

Editor Mike England responds: If we were trying to be cute, we would have chosen a word like “nincompoop,” “ninny,” or “scalawag.” We labored over “miscreant” and “rapscallion,” but in the end, “asshole” just seemed to fit best. By the way, I’ve been known to commit #11, so I guess we’re both assholes—just not very big ones.