Letters - Spring 2011

Better Ways to Fence
I read with interest Melynda Harrison’s article on the pronghorns (Fall 2010, p. 30). I think you only scratched the surface of the problem. Restricting migration or herd movement is one issue, but a far more serious one is the danger to the animals. Please don't label me as a bleeding-heart environmentalist (just an environmentalist); I do realize the need for fencing and the rights of ranchers and farmers. However, there are types of fencing that are animal-friendly. A couple of weeks ago a friend helped cut a young bison cow out of barbed wire on the Flying D. The cow survived and Ted was notified. The fence is being replaced. 

Levon Pentecost

Not Measuring Up
The latest edition (Winter 2010-11) of your increasing metrosexual magazine was marginally less metro than the previous one. Good job—though it did have the usual page of dog toys. Um, what the hell ever happened to a stick? Here boy, fetch your Tibetan Monk–Blessed Chakra Prayer Stick and then take a nap on your new Warrior Pose Yoga Mat for Dogs. 

The winter edition lacked in the hot-women department as well (I think you profiled three women ski patrollers, but I only leafed through the magazine in my car and didn't pay much attention, which is what qualifies me to offer you this professional critique in the first place).\ 

I can offer plenty more unsolicited, inexperienced, and worthless advice for your magazine. And an update from Terry Levine (Spring 2007, p. 11) would be, in the words of the yoga-entraced, simply divine. 

Happy Zen Chakra, Non-Denominational, Non-Religious, Non-Western-Centric Holidays!

Dragon-Pose-Yogurt-Fart Jason

Rejected Magazine Expansions
Every once in a while, we chuckle demonically as we contemplate global domination through expansion into new locations. Here are a few ideas that didn't quite make the cut. Got one of your own? Email [email protected].

Word on the Street
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