Crossword: Fall 2020

All right, brainiacs, start your engines. Below is our fall-season crossword. Take a stab at 'er, and if you think you nailed it, swing by the O/B office with your completed puzzle for a chance to win some swag. 


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Private land, public hunting (acronym)

Insatiable snacking, all-winter napping

Gun-totin' constitutionalists (acronym)

We all do 

10 The old, wily Cogburn

12 Adored old Chevy pickup

13 Goes both ways

14 Anger

15 A coon's age

16 Nocturnal bowhunter

18 Rooftop murmur

19 Hunt between solar rise and ____

21 Poor little bull, unlucky in love

24 Shake 'n' quake

26 Tickle 'em on a piano, pluck 'em from an elk

31 Animal doc

32 Out on a limb

34 Roosted at night, roasted in the afternoon

38 Camera setting

39 For example (abbr.)

40 Rattle 'em in during the rut



Classic autumn hatch; aka, BWO

Cervid headgear

Reap what you sew

Germanic trout

Tattletale rodent

It's always fresh in the mountains

Reminder of alignment

11 It's only human

13 Ghostly cry

16 Jedi Ben's cooler name: ____-Wan

17 Watch yer step on this

20 How Bozemanites get by

21 One slider's trash is another’s treasure: ____ swap

22 Bull elk's bathtub

23 Pollinator

25 Small stew veggie

27 Popular for woodworking & whiskey

28 Climbing creeper

29 Dudes flyin' solo

30 Fighting: going ____; (two words)

33 Commonly chewed in small-town bars

35 Land of opportunity

36 Guns bought vs. animals shot (abbr.)

37 First to respond (abbr.)