Suby Tales

The Montana Suby Tales contest records the adventures of Montana Subarus and their innumerable outdoor exploits. These Suby annals are diverse and engaging, from near-calamitous backcountry mishaps to those flawless, once-in-a-lifetime outdoor excursions. How many times has a Subaru saved the day? What other vehicle boasts such vast experience and adventure on Montana’s highways and byways? The Montana Suby Tales contest celebrates the mighty Subaru and rewards its inestimable accomplishments in the outdoor world around Bozeman.

Disclaimer: Outside Bozeman Magazine does not encourage driving your Subaru across Hyalite Lake or engaging in other foolish escapades. The point is not to simply dazzle us with the most outrageous exploit; rather, allow the experiences to happen during the normal course of your outdoor adventures—just be ready to capture their essence with text and photos. We are also not responsible for any violations of the law, including gravity. Remember, Subys can’t fly.