Name That Subdivision

There lies serious irony in the development of Bozeman, and the paradox is in the name—the subdivison name that is. Each new one that pops up is more ironic than the last. These names, meant to evoke celebration for natural landscapes and the wild animals that live there, are mere obituaries of the places that came before. Think about it: do the names Elk Grove, Arrowleaf Hills, and Eagle Rock actually represent their respective lots, or are they simply symbols of the devestation we're (quite proudly) capable of? 

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But as absurd as some of these neighborhood names are, we think you can do better. Send us your most offensive, ridiculous, delightfully tacky, and wildly ironic subdivision name ideas. Modify ones that already exist—Once Wheatland Hills, No More Cottonwood Estates, Paved Hills—or get creative and send us your originals. As always, prizes await our favorites.